Möbius Belt

  • Möbius Belt is a 2-in-1 travel and fitness belt for carrying valuables securely when on the go.

  • Say Goodbye to the traditional travel belts that are uncomfortable and too small.

  • Say Goodbye to keys jabbing into you and phones weighing you down.

  • The innovative design of Möbius Belt offers many ways for carrying your valuables comfortably. No fasteners or buckles to get in the way.

  • Möbius Belt is made of 88% Nylon and 12% Spandex fabric. The fabric is soft and will not chafe the skin.

  • Simply slide it on. Pocket your items and go!

Design of Möbius Belt

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Möbius Belt was designed for carrying important valuables in a comfortable and secure way while on the go.

What Can Möbius Belt Hold?

Outside Small Zippered Pocket

Credit Cards
Hotel Key Card

Two Open Side Pockets

Small Water Bottle
MP3 Player
Doggie Bags
Holter Monitor
Insulin Pump

Two Large Inside Envelope Pockets

Credit Cards
Travel Documents
Small Heating Pad
ID Cards
Flash Drive
USB Battery Pack
Feminine Protection
Band Aids

and much more...

Available Colours

Möbius Belt in Black

Möbius Belt in Black

Available in XS, S, M, L and XL
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Möbius Belt in Blue

Möbius Belt in Blue

Available in XS, S, M, L and XL
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Möbius Belt in Green

Möbius Belt in Green

Available in XS, S, M, L and XL
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Möbius Belt in Pink

Möbius Belt in Pink

Available in XS, S, M, L and XL
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Möbius Belt Design Styles

Möbius Belt offers two design styles for the best possible fit: Women's Belt - Contoured Fit and Men's Belt - Straight Fit

The Women's Belt - Contoured Fit was designed around women's curves. No gaps at the waistline and lies flat against the hips.
The Men's Belt - Straight Fit was designed for the straight body shape, where the waist and hips are approximately the same width.
Möbius Belt is super comfortable to wear, no matter what the activity. Choose to wear it over clothing or underneath clothing, either way Möbius Belt will retain it's shape, won't cause chaffing and is discrete.

When Would You Use Möbius Belt?

Möbius Belt is a multi versatile travel and fitness belt. It can be used as a fitness belt to hold a Smartphone, money and keys when working out. It can be used as a secure travel money belt to hold a passport, travel documents, hotel key card, money, etc. It can also be used for general use when not carrying a purse or bag, leaving hands free yet have valuables safe and secure right on the body.

When Möbius Belt comes in handy:

Health & Fitness

  • Walking
  • Running
  • Jogging
  • Biking
  • Aerobics

Outdoor Sports

  • Hiking
  • Skating
  • Downhill Skiing
  • Cross Country Skiing
  • Skateboarding
  • Rollerblading

On the Go

  • Travel
  • Sporting Events
  • Concerts
  • Festivals


  • Inhaler
  • EpiPen
  • Diabetic Travel Kit Items
  • Holter Monitor
  • Travel Emergency Kit
  • Small Heating Pad

Other Uses

Never miss a phone call, text or ping. Catch the game on the radio. Listen to music. Catch a photographic moment. Keep hands free.

  • Mowing the lawn
  • Gardening
  • Shoveling snow
  • Looking after children
  • Doing chores around the house
  • Maternity band - continue to comfortably wear pre-pregnancy pants throughout pregnancy

  • and much more...


I wore mine that night to walk the dog. It was so comfortable! I barely knew I had it on -- the weight of the phone in the pocket was what did it. :-)

- Stacey B.

Actually, it's more comfortable then I thought!

- Jason C.

I am bringing this belt to Spain with me as a gift for a friend. I love the belt. It holds the water bottles in place and they do not bounce. My phone fits perfectly and has room for my gels for long runs.

- Paula B.

I now have a place to carry an extra pencil if my other one breaks when I'm writing a test.

- Emily K.

It's so comfortable!!

- Selyna B.

The belt is an amazing product. When you wear it you do not feel bulky but instead it feels like the top of comfortable fitting yoga pants. I have used it on long treks (on the Camino in Spain 110 plus mile trek) and my daily 5 miler. My phone and my wallet or passport all are comfortably stowed. I have gotten them for all my walking friends!

- Sherri T.

Love this belt! It came through like a charm for my trip to Spain and recently used it to run a 1/2 marathon. I was able to run, listen to music and carry my water - all in one little belt. The best part is that I don't look like I'm carrying a sack around me. It feels very comfortable too.

- Monica D.

I loooooove mine!

- Dianne G.

Very impressed with the belt. Even with my Armpocket it's a disaster if heaven forbid the phone stops tracking miles or any other issue. That means you have to stop and recalibrate. The belt is positioned better to take the phone out without stopping Sweat wasn't an issue and this morning I was gardening with my music and it worked out fine. 5 stars

- David P.