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Frequently Asked Questions

What makes the Möbius Belt different from other products out there?

    • It’s innovative design and with comfort and utility in mind, Möbius Belt takes full advantage of having multiple sized pockets to fit every need. Whether you only need to carry a small number of items or a lot, Möbius Belt offers the flexibility like no other.


    • The quality workmanship of all Möbius Belts are next to none. Möbius Belt is designed to keep its shape and sit flat against the body and move as you go.


  • Möbius Belt was designed for both women and men, curvy and less curvy, with it’s two belt styles, straight and contoured, to offer the best possible fit.

How is the Möbius Belt placed on the body?

  • Möbius Belt can be either put on like a pair of pants or over your head and slide to the desired area.

Where is the Möbius Belt worn?

  • Möbius Belt can be worn in different areas, depending on the preference of the person. It can be worn around the hips, lower waist and hip area or around the waist.

How is the Möbius Belt sized?

    • Möbius Belt is made of 88% Nylon and 12% Spandex. Because of this, when thinking about the right size, one must think of the activity they plan on using with Möbius Belt and if one prefers the belt to be just their size or a little more snug.


    • Möbius Belt is true to size in most cases. The sizing for Möbius Belt includes two sizes for each size letter.

Can the Möbius Belt be returned or exchanged?

  • Yes, if you are not 100% satisfied with Möbius Belt or you are needing a different size, we offer a full refund or exchange, no questions asked, withing 90 days of purchase.

What can be placed inside the Möbius Belt?

    • Möbius Belt offers multiple sized pockets. They are as follows:
      • One small front zippered pocket
      • Two open side pockets with an elastic loop inisde each
      • One large front envelop pocket
      • One large back envelop pocket


  • Items such as phones, keys, money, credit cards, change, passports, pens, travel documents, lip balm, small sized water bottle, Kleenex, heart monitor device, small heat or cooling pad, EpiPen, pedometer, small earphones, etc., can be placed inside Möbius Belt, in which ever pocket you choose.

Are items safe inside the Möbius Belt?

    • Yes


    • Möbius Belt is designed to keep your valuables secure and safe inside.


  • The two open side pockets are for items you wish to access quickly. Möbius Belt hold in your item such as a phone but as with any open pocket, care is needed when moving Möbius Belt up or down on the body. Small items can be attached to the elastic loop found in each open side pocket when needed.

Is the Möbius Belt waterproof?

    • No, Möbius Belt is not waterproof but moisture wicking.


    • With a regular amount of sweating and even to a higher amount of sweating, items are protected without getting wet.


  • If there is concern about items getting wet, a zip lock bag can assist.